Reporting on Remy: The Media’s Role in Domestic Violence Awareness

The Domestic Violence Institute, where Katherine Schulte works as Supervising Attorney, is co-sponsoring PHRGE’s 2013 Human Rights Institute on “Human rights and Domestic Violence: Applying the Due Diligence Principle”. The Institute will take place at NUSL on November 7, 2013.


by Katherine Schulte, Supervising Attorney, Domestic Violence Institute at Northeastern University School of Law

“Any information from the purported victim?”

“Nothing definite, judge…the information I have is that she’s not here….about whether she’s coming later today, I don’t know.”

“I understand, but at least she’s not here now, so there’s no reason for me to hold this situation and address it?”

This is an excerpt from a transcript of the August 14th hearing in which Jared Remy, son of the famed Red Sox broadcaster, was charged with assaulting his girlfriend Jennifer Martel.  The night before he had been arrested for slamming her face into a mirror.  Martel was granted an emergency restraining order that night, but, as the above exchange shows, chose not to come to court to extend it the following morning. Remy was released with a warning not to abuse Martel.  The next day, she was dead.

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