PHRGE in Geneva: Day 5

Today’s video blog is an update from the second and final day of the CERD (Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) review of the U.S. in Geneva where I am representing PHRGE as part of the U.S. civil society delegation.  Today the Committee again brought up concerns about access to counsel in civil cases, the issue I’ve been focused on here.  The committee also raised concerns about the racially disparate impact of the foreclosure crisis, and the criminalization of homelessness, two issues the housing group I’ve been working with were hoping would get some attention.  Here is some more media coverage and the UN’s press release about the second day of review.  This is my last post, as I am leaving tomorrow.  Thanks for tuning in- I will keep you updated on our follow-up activities, and post the Concluding Observations when they come out!

Unfortunately in this video I am sitting directly in front of the direct sunlight, so apologies for the poor quality.  Here are some better pictures of the Palais de Nations.

Palais de Nations 3Palais de Nations 1 Palais de Nations 2

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