The Program on Human Rights in the Global Economy (PHRGE) is a human rights program at Northeastern University School of Law. (NUSL) Each year, PHRGE selects at least 16 NUSL students to participate in its PHRGE Fellowship Program.  These students work in human rights organizations in the United States (for example, the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty) and abroad (such as the Human Rights Law Center of India).

PHRGE Fellows have much to say about these experiences. After years of keeping these stories to ourselves, we’ve decided to create a space for the fellows to share those thoughts and stories with each other, their friends, their families and the world. There is other Fellow Talk, too. As if by magic, PHRGE Fellows finish law school and become “former.” To no one’s surprise, they become involved in all sorts of fascinating things (some paid, some not) that have their own stories. We hope that Fellow Talk becomes a place for these stories to come together. Those posting here are present and former PHRGE fellows. Those who add comments are those who care enough about the stories to say what they think.

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  1. John Ihrig says:

    This is Uncle John from Virgiinia, Aunt Susie’s husband. I applaud your work in India. Just wanted to pass on that our current church and the one in Savannah support Central India Christian Mission. We just this Sunday had a visit from its founder, Ajai Lall. He many many tales of attacks on Christian Men and Women and Children because of their faith. You might want to contact him for more information if you need it. They shelter persecuted Christians and also have a major hospital, and a Bible college. They also teach poverty-stricken women to be seamstresses. Her is a website. http://www.indianmission.org.

    With Love, John and Sandy(Susie)

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